Free online craps How to win How to win at Craps basing on bets

How to win at Craps basing on bets

How to win at Craps rules and strategies

Dice games at any online casino are not as popular as slots and Roulette. It can be explained easily: if a person looks at the table here, it will seem to him to be a great puzzle. Really, without the knowledge of this table’s fields and the bets, it is difficult to understand how to win at Craps. The entertainment stops to be a pure excitement but becomes a challenge. In reality, the beginner can start with the simplest rules that will prompt him how to win at Craps table.

How to win at Craps: remember the fields

It does not matter if a gambler uses a PC, iPad, Android or any device that supports online playing: the rules that will explain how to win at Craps are the same everywhere. The idea might seem to be too simple: just bet on a certain number of points, shoot 2 dice (shooting means throwing here) and see if their number matches the bet.

This easiest strategy might work when playing this game in the yard or at home, just with dice and no special table. It differs a lot from gambling at any online casino. There, how to win at Craps strategy is about the bets and the fields of the table.

Examples of bets

Looking at the existing field, even a newbie will see that some of them are marked with big letters (Caps lock). These are:

  • Come;
  • Pass Line;
  • Do not Pass Bar;
  • Fields with certain numbers that are the keys in searching the answer to the question about how to win at Craps.

Some players compare Craps bets with Roulette, but the game with dice is a bit complicated one. One can bet on Pass or Don’t Pass, similarly, either win or lose. These bets are profitable since the winning probability is 1:2, the same characteristics for Come and Don’t Come bets. Seeking for the tips that will help him remember how to win big at Craps, the player will understand that his main task is to get the winning combination at one of several stages of the game. Different numbers can fall out, in total, from two to twelve points can appear.

Craps strategies

To play Craps, it is advisable to know the probability of winning different bets. Because unlike Roulette, where any type of bet, the share of winnings is the same, in Craps, different bets have a different probability of winning and profitability for the player. In general, 36 drop options are possible.

When shooting dice, it is always necessary to remember that each throw is in no way connected with the previous one if for example six appear five times in a row, this does not mean that the next time 6 will appear. Therefore, no strategies that will let a player remember how to win at Craps every time can be built on the previous numbers. The most winning combination is Pass or Don’t Pass with a Buy or Lay bet. It should be noted that these combinations appear only with a long-term game.

If a player wants to know for sure how to win real money playing craps, then he has to train a lot, using a PC at home or a tablet or a phone on the go.

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